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I was born and raised in San Diego, California. At an early age, my parents and grandparents instilled within me a love and wonder for the natural world and the great outdoors. I have fond memories of camping and exploring the canyons and washes of Anza-Borrego Desert State Park with my parents in their 1977 Chevy pickup; of fishing San Diego bay and the lower Colorado River; of sightseeing the Grand Canyon and redwood forest of Northern California with my grandparents, to name just a few. I look forward to doing the same with my own family.

I was still in high school when I started heading out on my own with 1980 Isuzu Pup to primitive camp and fish along the Colorado River, near Yuma, Arizona. Sometimes I would load an old Honda three wheeler into the bed and take of into the Imperial Sand Dunes. I eventually upgraded my ride and bought my dad's 1990 Ford F-150, which I got stuck in the back country more times than I can remember. My first 4-wheel drive vehicle was a 1998 Ford Ranger. That's when I started getting more into the off-road scene and greatly expanded my knowledge of San Diego and Imperial Counties vast back country trails. I also had a 15 foot aluminum fishing boat that I'd tow to the Colorado River to catch catfish and striped bass; or San Diego and Mission Bay to catch sand bass and halibut. My good childhood friend, Jesse, would often accompany me. Besides fishing, we would head into the Jacumba Mountains to hunt deer and quail, or into Imperial Valley's agricultural fields to hunt dove.

I was briefly married for two months back in 2004. But two years later, I met the true love of my life and married Autumn on March 11th, 2007. Our daughter, Audrey (named after my grandmother on my father's side) was born four years later, and our son Jackson came along three years after that. Parenthood is a life-changing event and life's greatest adventure. Although I have suspected this for a while, it has shown me that the female gender is the vastly superior one.  If any of my male brothers doubt this, impregnate your significant other and watch them through the whole process of bearing and raising a child.

Nowadays, I try to get my family outside as much as possible. We enjoy trips to the river, desert, beach, mountains, and even Disneyland. As my children grow, I look forward to showing them all the things my parents showed me and more.

This blog is set up allow you to follow our adventures. It's geared towards family and friends who can’t join us on our travels. Hopefully it inspires others to get out and make their own adventures. I hope you enjoy it.

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TheMeeklyObserver said...

Was looking for some info on the Imperial Valley Hunting and fishing club. Can you help? Is it still active and who can join? I love it out there and have been by the club twice in my kayak! What's up?