Tuesday, August 28, 2012

2012 BorregoFest Event (October 19th - 21st, 2012)

Well it's time to start planning our annual OAUSA BorregoFest event. The dates are set for the 19th through the 21st of October. This is a family friendly event that never fails to impress. We will be holding trail runs, ham radio testing, a potluck, wine and beer tasting, and probably a small raffle. Please let us know if you plan on attending. Fees and sign up info are below.

We will be using Butterfield Ranch RV Resort for this year's event. OAUSA depends on the donations from this event, and SummerFest, to help it stay in operation. Campsite fees, taxes, website expenses all add up, and OAUSA is comprised of a completely volunteer, unpaid staff. We have done our best to keep the fees reasonable, and ask that all that can, please join us at Butterfield Ranch to help support OAUSA. BorregoFest, with it’s group camping, promotes a feeling of camaraderie among the members, and creates an opportunity for those who many not know each other to share in the event face to face, as well as contribute to the future of Outdoor Adventure USA.

However, no fee is required if you are only coming out for one day or are making other accommodations outside of the group camp for spending the night. You are still allowed to come into the group site for the trail run meetings, potluck, and evening festivities each day. Fees are the same whether you stay for one night or two in the group site. Please post your interest in attending in the format you see below and your name will be added to the OAUSA Roster…

For fees, payment information, and other details go to the following link…

2012 BorregoFest Event Info

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