Wednesday, January 25, 2017

My Top Twelve 2016 Hikes

Here are my top twelve hikes for 2016, in no particular order. This is always such a difficult list to make, since I enjoy each and every one of my outdoor adventures. Even if it's a trail I've already hiked before, I still take away something new from it... a new sight, experience, or feeling.

It might be an enhanced connection to the natural world, learning something new about myself or working out whatever issues I have in my own head during a solo hike, the look of wonder and joy on the faces of my children as they explore, and of course the comradery of an adventurous group; who might just find themselves in an unexpected situation while taking an alternate route. Keep calm and hike on!

Villager Peak
Coyote Canyon
El Cajon Mountain
Peak 6582
San Jacinto Peak
Devils Canyon/Meyer Creek
Cuyamaca Peak
Fred Canyon to Burnt Ranchita via PCT
Sunset Cliffs Natural Park
Blue Angels Peak
Tahquitz Peak
Goat Canyon Trestle

52 Hike Challenge 2016 Recap

All of my hikes in 2016. A total of 418.5 miles and 72,520 feet of elevation gain. Looking forward to what 2017 brings!